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So, this is the last one I have written so far. These take like, an hour tops to write, so if you enjoy them, they're not too far out. Anyway, I would like to hear some feedback on these. Here's number four: Jeronimo.


                                                                          Hi There!

   Hi there! I'm Jeronimo, and I live in Antarctica! I love it here! There's so much to do! You can slide on the ice, fish, swim in the water, and play in the snow! I really love to play! But not with other seals. They don't like me very much. I think it's because I'm an anthro. Or maybe they don't like that I do different things than they do. Oh well! I like to talk, too! I could just go on for hours and hours on end about anything, which could be another reason nobody likes me.
   I don't know why, but it makes me really happy when humans come to visit my icy home! It's like having new neighbors move in next door! (I think.) I want to go and say hi to them, but I'm too shy. Still, it's fun to watch and see what humans do when they're here! They build their little dens and set up their surveilance equipment, (I learned about that stuff from Alex.) but then they leave. I think about going up when they're not around and looking at all the cool stuff, but everytime I get up the nerve to go look, a new group comes in and it starts all over again. It's been like this for awhile.
   I don't have alot of friends. The best friend I've ever had was another seal I made out of snow. I called him Tyler. He was a cool guy, but he didn't talk much. Which is okay, because I like to talk alot. And he'd always listen to me with a big smile on his face. I loved seeing him smile. It made ne feel so happy. I don't know if I ever saw him frown, he was just a big, happy seal, and he was my friend. At least, I thought he was. Until he left...
   Let me explain. See, there was this one blizzard some two hundred... Three hundred years ago. A really bad one that added about one hundred or two hundred feet of snow to my part of the continent. I tried to get Tyler to come into my den where it was safe, but he didn't. I guess he must have had his own den somewhere. Anyway, for seven months, the storm raged outside, while I was safely tucked away in my den. When I came back out, Tyler, my only friend, was gone. He never came back, but I'm sure he will someday! And then we can talk and play together, and it will be just like it used to be before that storm. I do miss him though. I hope he comes back soon. I'm tired of talking to the other seals. All they care about is fish and occasionally mating. Yeah, those are good things, but it's not everything. You know?
   The only other seal that I like to talk to is this one female named Frost. She's a sweet little seal, and she likes talking to me. I don't know if it's because I care about things other than mating and eating, or if it's because she likes some of the same things as me. Whatever the reason, I'm glad I met her. I think about her alot. I think about if we have any kind of future together, but then I remember I'm immortal, I'll live forever, and she'll eventually die. I'll be so sad when that happens. She's the only seal other than Tyler who I've even come close to having a relationship with, but oh well.
   Anyway, I have a big day of playing tomorrow. Maybe I'll go try to find Tyler again. Anyway. See ya'!


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